The Cook Foundation is a grant making trust which intends to bring together a number of estates, trusts, funds and foundations with similar aims to generally benefit the Cook Islands, islanders, “Cooks” collectively wherever they may be, other island communities and others in need around the World. Its Charitable Objectives are as follows:

Charitable Objectives

  • Protection of life and property
  • Promotion of the safety of the public
  • Relief, assistance and protection of people who are victims of natural or manmade disaster, emergency, trouble or catastrophe
  • Relief of sickness and the preservation of health
  • Relief of poverty, unemployment and financial hardship
  • Preservation, conservation and protection of the environment
  • Prudent use of resources
  • Promotion of waste reduction, re-use and recycling
  • Advancement of education
  • Advancement of religious faith, especially as practiced in the Cook Islands
  • Promotion of the efficiency and effectiveness of charities and the effective use of charitable resources
  • Promotion of social cohesion, goodwill and community harmony
  • Promotion of long-term sustainable economic development and job creation, particularly through invention, creativity, enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Benefit of communities in need
  • Support of charities and charitable purpose

Its areas of benefit are:

  • The Cook Islands
  • Cook Islanders living abroad, the Diaspora, especially in New Zealand and “Cooks” collectively in the worldwide “Cook” family
  • Island communities worldwide, especially in the Pacific and developing countries
  • Communities in need worldwide, in developing countries generally, as well as in pockets of deprivation or specific areas of under-provision in developed countries